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Drive-by downloads 'biggest virus risk'


An expert has argued the biggest computer security risk comes from drive-by downloads.

People who regularly compare the best mobile broadband deals to ensure they have the package most suited to their needs should beware the risk of viruses.

Director of Data Defender Graeme Batsman said the biggest chance of infection comes from drive-by downloads.

Independent IT security consultant Kevin Wharram recently explained these can install themselves on a user's computer by simply browsing the web, as a system can be infected through vulnerable exploits.

Mr Batsman said this can occur on genuine websites and noted statistics indicate one in ten websites are thought to be infected and people visit much more than this figure on a daily basis.

Genuine sites can become a problem as one targeted website can infect a user and start a chain reaction of malware between computers.

"Audaciousness is increasing with cyber gangs even hiring call centres in India and the Philippines to target households and sell phoney software or support packages," the expert commented.

Posted by Samantha Dunne

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